Why Renovate the Bathhouse at Rutherford Pool?

When Rutherford Pool was constructed in 1971, it was envisioned as resource for the entire Ypsilanti Community.  Even the pool’s location was a collaborative process, led by then Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Jesse A. Rutherford. Eventually link “Jesse A. Rutherford” to About the Pool page

Over the past 47 years Rutherford Pool has been a safe and friendly place for friends and families from every part of the community to gather on warm summer days. Rutherford Pool is a wonderful social outlet for the community and also serves an important summertime educational and programming role.

The Ypsilanti Community is rich in diversity and if you have ever spent an afternoon at the pool, you would know that it serves our entire community, across the socioeconomic, ethnic and age spectrums.  This is an accomplishment that we should all celebrate!

After 47 years Rutherford Pool’s bathhouse needs our help

If you have visited Rutherford Pool you have seen our aging and worn bathhouse.  What you have likely noticed are the cracked walls and floors, peeling paint and poor lighting.  But what you are do see is the failing plumbing, heating and cooling and outdated electrical and mechanical systems.  

Through the tireless effort of pool employees and volunteers the bathhouse has been “patched” together year after year for over a decade and the time to address these issues is now.

Renovate the Bathhouse Community Fundraising Campaign

The Friends of Rutherford Pool Board, in collaboration with the Renovate the Bathhouse Campaign Committee, announces a two-year Renovate the Bathhouse community fundraising campaign.

The purpose of the campaign is to secure funding to repair and update the many issues that we have with our aging bathhouse, which has been in use for almost 50 years, with few capital improvements over the decades.  

To begin this process, in the fall of 2016, the Friends of Rutherford Pool board held an Ypsilanti community meeting to generate ideas for a renovated bathhouse.  The discussion was thoughtful and wide-ranging, giving the board a blueprint for a future renovation. Some of the topics discussed at the community meeting included: improved lighting, seating and locker space, installation of solar power, the addition of gender neutral and family changing rooms, and installing an outdoor concrete ping pong table.

The Friends of Rutherford Pool board is dedicated to keeping community input in the forefront of our decisions, while addressing the bathhouse’s significant structural and mechanical issues.  We believe that both missions have been accomplished!


How to Contribute

  1. From April 15  to June 15 participate in the Renovate the Bathhouse, Patronicity matching crowdfunding campaign www.Patronicity.com

  2. Donate through the Rutherford Pool website (link)

  3. Mail your contribution to Friends of Rutherford Pool in care of: John Weiss, 1206 Pearl Street, Ypsilanti MI 48197