We will attempt to answer some of the questions that have come off our surveys or that we hear often at the Pool.

Do you have lockers? We do have lockers but we do not have locks on the lockers. You can bring your own paddlock to put on the locker for the time that you are at the pool. Rutherford Pool is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Why do we have the ten minute break every hour? The ten minute break serves many purposes. It is the time that we can administer the swim test with the most lifequard coverage possible. It is a forced time that children should get out, use the bathroom, apply more sunscreen, rest, reconnect with their adult, and get a snack. Another reason is that it is a time for parents/adults to get in briefly without children in the pool. Many pools do have a policy such as this.

Why do we have to do the swim test each time? The swim test is not meant to be a punishment but is designed to be an added layer of safety. There are some days that a child may be strong enough to pass the test and other days that they are tired enough that it would be dangerous to allow them in the deep end without an adult within arms reach. Youth do not have to take the test each day if they pass the Super Swim Test. The Super Swim Test is offered at 2:50pm and possibly once during Family Swim. If your swimmer can swim 100 yards proficiently and tread water for 2 minutes then we will have them fill out a 3x5 card with name and phone number. After passing this test your swimmer can let the lifeguard office know when they come in and we will give them the mark of the day after we have verified they did indeed pass the Super Swim Test. We reserve the right to revoke the card if we see issues developing. The swim test during Open Swim is at the same time, each day: 1:50pm, 2:50pm and 3:50pm. All youth need to be leaving at 4:50pm. We do not have a set time during Family Swim but usually aim for around 6:30pm.

Why are there no youth swim lessons at night? In order to hold swim lessons we would have to shut the pool down to the public. We can not offer quality lessons while there are other kids swimming around.

Why do you make us wear swimsuits and no underwear in the pool? The State of Michigan has several rules to help keep the pool water clean and people safe in the water. The clothing can also breakdown and clog up our filters and machinery.

(3) A swimming pool owner shall ensure that the bathing apparel worn in a swimming pool is clean. (6) A swimming pool owner shall ensure that a person wearing street clothes or shoes is not permitted in a swimming pool.

We will ask you to remove your underwear as that is one of the ways that E. coli can enter the pool. This bacteria can cause us to have to close down.

If you need to wear a shirt for modesty or sunprotection reasons please make sure that it is not going to interfere with your swimming and that it is a clean shirt. If you need to wear clothing for modesty or religious/cultural reasons, please make sure it is reserved for the pool and also will not inhibit your ability to swim.

Please shower before you enter the pool to remove dirt, lotions and sweat from your body. We will have to use less chlorine and other chemicals if you enter the water without these substances on your skin.

Why do you have to close at 8pm? The light most nights in early June and later August will prevent us from safely staying open later as it is too dark to safely see swimmers. The lights on the poles do not work. Even if they did, they shine down and we still can not see down into the deep end bottom. It also provides us a time to offer some different programming such as Swim Team, water polo and rentals.

Why can I only be responsible for one child in the deep end at a time? You are directly responsible for your children. If they have not passed the swim test, you must be within arms reach of your children. History at the pool has proven that it is safer for the kids, for a parent to be responsible for one child at a time in water that is over their heads. We know that this is may make it harder for you but it is for the safety of all. Encourage your older, more capable children to try the swim test.

Can I bring food onto the pool deck? We allow food and drinks (in non-breakable containers) in the grass areas on the pool deck. We ask you not to eat or drink on the concrete or near the pool. Please use the trash containers so that the deck stays clean and nothing blows into the water. (We have had skunks wander onto the deck in the morning looking for snacks!)

Cant I rent the Pool? Yes, you can rent the pool. You will need to check on availability and put a deposit down. We can only rent when we don’t have normal programming. Call 482-4401 during normal hours to see if your day/time is available. The cost is $90 per hour for up to 30 swimmers. If you need more time or have more swimmers we will have to negotiate a new price based on the guards needed.

During Family Swim why do I have to stay on the pool deck with my kids? If your kids are four feet tall or taller they can be at the pool by themselves during Open Swim. During Family Swim we require adults to stay. Family Swim is meant to be quieter, less chaotic that Open Swim. The pool closes at 8pm and staff can not be expected to stay after because you are late in picking them up.

Why do I have to pay if I am not swimming? If you go to other venues, you have to pay when you step through the gates. In our case, you are taking up part of our occupancy number, may be using the restroom facilities and may be using a chair or bench to sit on. Wading in the water or dangling your feet in the water would count as swimming, also.

If I pay for Open Swim can I come back at Family Swim for free? No, you may not. It is a different session and youth have a different fee.

What is the difference between Open Swim and Family Swim? The difference between the two are that kids that are at least four feet tall can be at the pool by themselves during Open Swim. At Family Swim, all children need to be supervised by a parent or guardian. We ask that during Family Swim it is a parent or guardian, not an older sibling.

Can I have my kids on the pool deck during adult lap swim or water exercise class? No, you may not. There is only one guard on the pool deck at this time. They can not be responsible for watching the pool and your kids on the pool deck. Plus, this is your time!

How far is a mile in the pool?

  • 1 land mile = 72 Lengths (one direction) or 36  Laps (down and back)

  • 1 Pool race mile = 66 Lengths (one direction) or 33 Laps (down and back)

  • This is a 25 yard pool.