The lifeguards and staff are employed to help keep you safe and enjoy your experience at Rutherford Pool.  Please listen to staff, follow the rules and remember this is a family friendly place.  

Please keep these following rules and guidelines in mind while you are visiting:


  • Lifeguard has full authority.

  • Shower before entering the pool.

  • Horseplay, such as running, splashing, shoving, dunking, chicken fighting and public displays of affection is not allowed.

  • Children must pass the swim test to go past their shoulders. Children who can not swim should be within arms reach of their adult.

  • Proper swimming attire is required. No street clothes or underwear in the pool. Diapers must be covered.

  • Do not sit or hang on the lap lanes, ropes or separation walls.

  • Only adults may use snorkels.

  • Food and drinks in designated areas only.

  • Glass or other breakable containers and hazardous objects are prohibited in the pool area.

  • Consumption of alcohol and/or drugs is prohibited.  This includes any time of smoking or smoking devices.

  • Do not enter the pool if you have an infectious or contagious disease.

  • Do not spit in the pool, gutter or grass area.

  • Three sharp whistle blows: VACATE THE POOL IMMEDIATELY.